Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Dinosaur Tooth

We are so lucky to have Mrs Clyde in our class.  She often brings in exciting objects for us to look at.
Last week she brought in a Dinosaur tooth...interesting!!!!

We had a chat about what sort of dinosaur the tooth might of belonged to. Where might it have lived, what might it have eaten?
Here we have two fabulous writers sharing their stories.

Great descriptions Tom and Ashton.

Mathematics - Half of a Number

In Team 8 we have been talking about halves. We look at half of a shape first and that was easy peasy! Half is just cutting it in two equal pieces Mrs Grant.

So Mrs Grant decided to challenge us.

We looked at what half of a number is.
Here is Cairo trying to figure out what half of 7 is.  Mrs Grant thought she had tricked the class, but Cairo figured out that you just had to cut one of the shapes in half...clever!

We used pizza pictures with pizza toppings.  We had to put half of the toppings on each side of the pizza, making sure that it was even on either side.
We found out that half or 8 was 4.  Also half of 6 is 3.

Now here was a real challenge.  We then starting talking about a quarter of a number.
Mrs Grant gave a number problem.
"If there were 12 balls and 4 children how many balls would each group get"
So...what is 1/4 of 12.
This is what Mason came up with...
Great problem solving Mason!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Book Character Day

What a super day it was on Friday when we dressed up as our favourite book character. Mrs Winklebottom (Little Red Riding Hood's grandma) was our teacher for the day.

Here we are all dressed up...

The parade was great fun!

Olivia's Grandma come to read us a story. 

And Mrs Steel (a.k.a The Witch in the Plum Tree) came to read us a Hairy Maclary Story.

Can't wait to see what characters turn up next year!

Friday, 8 September 2017

Our Favourite Stories and Drop everything and Read (D.E.A.R.)

Here are some of Team 8's favourite Stories.  We have really enjoyed listening and sharing our favourite stories this week!  Thank you to all for bringing your books in.

As part of Literacy week we had a Drop Everything and Read time.  A Bing Bong went over the speaker and we had to stop everything and read any book.  Team 8 loved it so much Mrs Grant had to stop us after 15mins to get ready for lunch.

Team 8 has loved Literacy week!!!!!!

Being Authors.

On Tuesday we had heaps of fun using Lynley Dodd's Hairy Maclary as a base to create our own Lynley Dodd stories.
Team 8 made a giant brainstorm to help gather our ideas.
Here we are writing these stories.
Team 8 are busy illustrating and putting these stories and they will be displayed when Mrs Grant finishes being the editor and publisher of our stories.

Stu Duval Cartoon Drawing

On Tuesday during Literacy week Stu Duval came back to teach all the Juniors to be Cartoon illustrators.
Team 8 loved being part of this exciting interactive performance

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Being Authors

Today, as part of literacy week, Team 8 pretended they were Lynley Dodd, author of Hairy Maclary. We split into 4 teams and worked collaboratively to make up a BRAND NEW, NEVER BEEN HEARD BEFORE story, about the adventures of Hairy Maclary. 

It was awesome to watch how the teams worked so well together. Each and every person had a say about what they wanted to happen the story.

Word spread very quickly about how awesome we were....so along came.... Hairy Maclary! (Just joking - It was actually the wonderful Mrs Steel!) She was so impressed with our imaginations (not to mention our sounding of tricky words, using full stops and tidy writing) that she gave all of our stories the 'special seal of approval' with her DEPUTY PRINCIPAL sticker. 
Not everyone is lucky enough to get one of those bad boys... but WE did! 

If you're lucky enough to know someone in Team 8, you might get a chance to read the finished story in person, sometime soon. If not, here are pictures of the originals.

Well done Team 8!