Thursday, 20 July 2017

It's a Wrap for Genius Time V1

Thanks to all the parents and families that supported us both in and out of the classroom with this experience. 

V1 was completed on Thursday 6th July at 1:30pm when Team 8 had the chance to present their learning to their class and families.

I am so proud of what our children achieved. Many new skills were learned including things like 'using a base to make something stand up on its own, or investigating the best way to stick two pieces of cardboard together, or how to sew in a straight line without running over our fingers so that Mrs Turner didn't have a heart attack'.

I was most proud of the reflections that the children made about their 'creations', and what they would do differently next time. I can't wait for V2!

Here are just some of the photos I took...

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Whaea Harima Comes to Visit

Today we were very lucky to have Cairo's grand-nana come in to share a story about Matariki. She read us a story about the seven star-fishes.

Afterwards we painted some Matariki pictures and had a go at weaving our own harakeke (flax) fish.




With the help of Whaea Harima and Mrs Clyde, we made a cool wall display. Can you use it to retell the story about the seven star fishes?

Thank you SOOOOOO much to Cairo's family and Whaea Harima for sharing your culture with us. It is really special for our tamariki to learn about their ancestors. It gives them a real sense of pride about where they come from.

If any other families would like to come in and share a story or information about their culture, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you! :-)

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Making Maori Fried Bread for Matariki

Team 8 are investigating and learning about different cultures for their Inquiry.
We have been learning about Matariki - Maori New Year.  This is celebrated at this time of the year. Team 8 have found out that at this time of the year some Maori families like to gather together to share food. (Kai) Make sure you ask the children of Team 8 some of the other interesting things that we have learnt about Matariki.

Here are the photos of us making and eating out Maori Fried bread... Delicious!!!!
We're ready Mrs Grant
The Ingredients are ready to go.



Not to much!

More Flour


What does it smell like Jarrett?



Great folding in Cairo

and more flour

Come on Mrs Grant has it risen in the oven yet?

The yeast made some magic happen

A dough monster

Yum Jam

Jam or Vegemite Ayra and Lachie?

Vegemite for Maddie

Faster Mrs Grant, we are hungry!

Yum yum

I had Vegemite and Jam!

The left over dough
It was squishy

That feels yucky!

But so fun!

It was  great day. Team 8 wishes everyone a happy Matatriki... Don't forget to get up early in the holidays to see if you can spot the 7 Matariki stars.